Your desk… Monday, Jan 24 2011 

{video directed by Mark Gardner and the sound & composition by Aaron Trinder)

Take a look at the video above… Brilliant right? I found it today and asked myself, what does my desk say about me? Unfortunately, my desk says I am VERY creative )read messy). I would love to have a desk like the Massimo Vignelli’s…can you imagine, a waste land of serene empty-ness, waiting for that flash of brilliance to strike and unleash chaos and order at the same time on the world. Ooooh, palpitations, right there.

Unfortunately my desk looks more like this, most of the time:

Yes that is the famed unfinished blanket from here. I have since cleaned it, the desk not the blanket. I am risking serious whiplash, posting those pictures, hopefully the next pictures will reduce the tongue lashing I will receive. Crossed fingers and all.

Lovely isn’t it, reassuringly not too empty. So, I challenge the 3 people that read this blog to send me pictures of their desks. Do you dare? Go on, risk it all.


Wordless… Sunday, Jan 9 2011 

As we wind down gear up into the holidays working year, I thought I would start off my ending beginning (does that make sense?) with a few less than verbose posts…so here are a few pictures that I took over the last few days…

First, what is technically my office, or can be my office any day of the week:

Now you would not be blamed for thinking I have the beach to myself, It certainly looks that way doesn’t it? Well the bad news, I didn’t. These just happened to be my favourite shots. You must also realise that it was the 7th of January, around half 9 in the morning, the holiday makers were squeezing the last dregs of their holiday before having to slog back to Vaal (they are called Vaalies, no?) to sweat and excrete without the option of a dip in the sea.

The lifeguards were out, making sure the swimmers don’t get swept along by the wicked rip tide we have or get eaten (we don’t have shark nets, doesn’t that just scream “come swim here!”). I don’t know exactly how they would stop you getting eaten, but I do have a lovely vision of a muscular lifeguard running out, Baywatch-style, and punching a mauling shark in the nose.

OK, that’s enough of me waffling for now. This will make the grand total of two (count ’em, 2) needless, totally pointless posts that I have made within a 6 day period… This 2011 thing is not getting off to a promising start. If you like those pictures, you can take a look at my Flickr page, with all the photos I take, random, of course when I activate it, of course… stay tuned.

And Action! Tuesday, Jan 4 2011 

Well we are back… First day of proper work and I have nothing, nada, zilch, … you get the idea right?

So I thought I would go reasonably low key and post a little ickle jokey poo…Too much Harry Potter.

Here goes:

How do you make a cat go “Woof”?

Pour gasoline on it and set it alight…

Sorry SPCA, no cats were hared during the telling of this joke.

See ya Peeps!

Featured on Funchkins Tuesday, Dec 14 2010 

Oooh brace yourselves, we have been featured on the Funchkins blog. I am sending off some knits to them in Geneva which will be available in January 2011. Here is a link to the blog where we have been mentioned. Take a look here at their shop, they have some great last minute Christmas pressies for just about everybody.

We live in a bizarre world. Friday, Dec 3 2010 

From time to time I will read something in the newspaper or a magazine that totally makes me LOL and this is what I saw on . We are near a small dorpie called Umzinto, it is a formerly Indian area with a Black area placed conveniently between it and Pennington (formerly White area) on the coast.

Now with the “New South Africa” people seem to be moving to different areas and generally mixing it up, good for them. My mom and I still get asked whether we live in Ifafa  (a former Coloured area and separated from Pennington by a river mouth and bush).

*Warning: the opinions aired from here on out will probably piss someone off offend someone, I accept that and encourage you to comment and rip me a new on if you are so inclined. It’s called freedom of speech and our parents fought for it*

I’ve put up a scanned PDF and will then vent voice my opinion after you have taken a look at them. Umzinto CBD.

Ok now I can highlight a few key points according to me:

  • The main street in Umzinto was blockaded and debris set alight to show as emphatically as possible that the people are unhappy; of course most of the people that set the debris alight are unemployed and would kill for a job to clean up the mess THEY MADE.  Illogical? They don’t think so. This is a recurring theme in KZN, not sure about the rest of the country but feel free to comment.
  • We have had elections in this country, each one a opportunity to vote and express your opinion about the rule over the last 4 years. Right? Guess again. The ANC has been voted back in time and time again, in both national and regional elections. Only in Cape Town have the people voted for change when they realised that the ANC was not delivering on the castle in the clouds and unicorns they promised every body.
  • A lot of these people have none of the basic services promised to them. Although I don’t think making  illegal connections (can anyone say dangerous) is quite the way to go when protesting. AND then moaning when the illegal connections are disconnected? Come on people, lets use those Std 6 educations.
  • Then the ANC rep showed up and “condemned the use of rubber bullets because the crowd was placid” (paraphrased) Yeah, well lets see you reason with up to 3000 people throwing bricks at your head without using rubber bullets. Dumba$$.

Sometimes I mourn the intelligence of our people in our country. OK I think that’s it for my rant. Once again I encourage you to comment below and let me know what you think. I won’t have to like but then neither do you have to like what I say either ;).

Moving Day Wednesday, Dec 1 2010 

As mentioned before, in passing, I am going to need to move to another blog. So I have registered another glob blog name and will be trying to move everything across. Wish me luck. Hopefully I will be able to make the new blog prettier, something this one has been distinctly lacking.

Yes, I heard your sniggers.

I will be back with the new blog name and a link to it, if I can figure out how to transfer all the bloginess from here to there, I will. If not, here it stays (or I will be doing a lot of copying and pasting)

Thanks for being with me so far. I hope to see you on the dark side…and no that’s not the new name.

Hello world! Wednesday, Dec 1 2010 

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Squeeeee!! It's here! Monday, Nov 29 2010 

Right now I’m in tink hell. (Tinking is the process of undoing work by knitting backwards I.E. Knit backwards = Tink) The relatively simple pattern is becoming extremely when I get distracted, like if I watch TV or do anything besides concentrate on it. Making me feel like a true dyed in the wool moron.

But moving on, the reason I’m so excited this morning is: we ordered yarn on Tuesday last week, from the lovely ladies at Sew Time in Umhlanga, (031-5665318). Cookie, darling that she agreed to send us the package and message us the cost of it all, including postage. it took 3 days and arrived on Saturday, but we only went to the post office today to collect it.

Here are some pics;

Keep an eye out for the blanket my mom’s doing…will see if I can lift some of her left overs to do more doggy bones. 😉

Quickies all over the place… Wednesday, Nov 24 2010 

Just a quick blog entry today. I’m trying to be a good little blogger and post something everyday. I apologise in advance if I don’t manage to do this, but I did say I would try.

We went into Umzinto today and since we have no car, we took the public transport. Now before you all sit back and say “well, what could be exciting about that?” let me tell you something, we do not have any such thing as timetables. You stand at a predetermined (read: undisclosed, so you have to guess) stop and lift your clenched fit into the air and stick your forefinger upwards (this means in taxi language, town), this you have to wave at any combi (usually a Toyota 15 seater) that passes by. If you are lucky it will stop and you state where you want to go. If you are even luckier the taxi is going where you wanna end up. If not you wait for the next one.

Then in some secret collective mind meld thing, while you are travelling in the taxi everyone passes their money to the person at the end of the row who then passes it to the person in from of him/ her till it gets to the “condi” (i.e. conductor).  Once the taxi has reached the destination, say Umzinto, each of the various stops are called out as they come up, for example:

“iConela” = corner (yeah I know, imaginative huh?)

eStopini = you guessed it, the next stop coming up

ePosini = Post office

You then get out and repeat on your way home. Unfortunately as close as we are to Christmas, Umzinto was packed with aunties buying jumbo boxes of Bakers Assorted biscuits and jelly, custard and tinned peaches. Do not ask me why.

And that was basically what our day consisted of, between getting squashed between large Mamas with 10Kg of samp and beans and school kids fresh from their latest paper. It was, um, fun..yeah that’s a word for it.

Another WIP… Tuesday, Nov 23 2010 

Ok here it is – the long promised picture of the Work In Progress from my blogging hiatus.

It is a baby blanket made from Vinni’s Colours Natural, it’s a pattern from my head in that I took 2 different stitches and sort of mashed them together. As with most blankets, gauge/ tension is not a hard and fast rule, and I can’t remember mine on this project. But I did use a size 4mm needle and the yarn is Double Knit.

Then below the pictures of  the half-knit blanket are pictures of the little doodad that I came up with to keep track of what row I was on. The pattern is a True lace pattern so it not only has increases and decreases on the knit rows but also on the purl rows, so this thingymajigy came in handy. And now for pictures:

A nice close up of the stitch detail.

Shot showing the needle size and row counter.

Pattern written out

2 paper clips


Some stiff card, it can be blank so you don't get muddled up .


The finished product. Use the paper clips to hold the pattern to the back of the stiff card, and the stiff card to block out the unneeded pattern lines.

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